Dar-Ul-Libas Brand Outlet Interior Design | Best interior Designer in Model Town Lahore

The grandeur and elegant outlook making the space more powerful and influential at the same time, this project is done by the best Interior Designers and Architects of an architectural firm i.e. Archi-cubes. The space is being given such attention for the users that one is compelled to come not only one time but often.

Project Detail

Architects : Archicubes

Location :  Model Town Link Rd. Lahore

Architect in Charge : Zaeem Ahmad

Design Team  : Zaeem Ahmad, Abdullah Qazi, Haris Hussain, Naveed Niaz

Area : 3 Marla

Project Year : 2018

Photographs : Social Cubes

Type : Commercial Brand Outlet


Such intricate detailing is provided for public that it keeps capture the attention of passersby. With soft look but strong theme and language, the thoughtful and out of the box concepts can be easily analyzed. The design principles are maintained in such a way that its fitness can be visualized in an interesting way.

The use of jali like work which is providing intricate and specially treated detailing in a way that it is becoming the focal feature of the space. But at the same time, in order to break the symmetry, the usage of different materials with monochromatic colors is used so the neutrality remains constant throughout.

Keeping the variety and contrast in selecting the building materials inside, the design is provided the hint of gentleness too. Observing the manly features for majorly men’s space, one can see the powerful language in the design. At the same time, the use of elaborated and modern design with ornamented like design can give impression of feminist outlook inside too. Such strong ideas and concepts are well generated by our interior designers and architects that it gets more attraction towards itself every time.

The way of treating the space from racks to shelves and from counter space to the circulation throughout, designers try to provide the idea of calm and collected atmosphere inside. Moreover, the colors which are the soul of any space and structure are used in an efficient way that whole space carried sophisticated yet modish outlook.

The checkered floor is giving the attributes of such playfulness and rhythm with the interior elements inside. However, the ambient lighting inside is providing every feature its lenient look in an effective way. All in all, the interior enhancing the elegancy and richness yet keeping minimalism for public as commercial use.

Interior Designers in Lahore are coming up with qualities designs in the realm of home interiors lately and our Architect Design Firm, Archicubes aims to be rated as the Best interior Designer in Lahore.

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