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A different type of food experience, “What a Paratha” Faisalabad, designed by Archi-Cubes is now open for business.What a Paratha  is a fast food chain opening Faislabad which wanted a modern interior that creates a fun and comfortable ambiance to sit and enjoy quick meals. The team at archicubes designed the project based on the quirky colour palette given by the client. The space is designed which could give the dweller a joyous experience, rather than the regulated discipline of a formal setting.

Project Detail

Architects : Archicubes

Location : Faisalabad

Architect in Charge : Zaeem Ahmad

Design Team  : Jehanzeb Shoaib, Abdullah Qazi

Area : 503 sq. ft

Project Year : 2019

Type : Commercial

 The bold play of yellow and orange creates a nice contrast and helps grab attention of the visitors passing by. The walls on the left end are wrapped with a wallpaper image giving an informal look where as the other end the yellow walls have modern framed graphics in hues of black. The informal look is necessary to make one feel at home and help the mind relax The floor tiles following the color palette is inspired by the MC Escher tessellation of 2D and 3D cube and the plain black exposed ceiling continues the idea of contrast.

Modern lamps hang from the ceiling and acrylic cut text is carefully aligned in different spaces grabbing attention. The furniture is designed in modern lines with tones of yellow and orange highlighting certain features.

The interior look competes in its look with major fast food chain language providing a space to chit chat and relax in a cool environment.

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