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What a Pratha Restaurant

What a Pratha Islamabad & Murree | Interior Design By Archi Cubes

Our latest project is the branding and interior design for the rapidly growing food chain “What a Paratha” Murree and Islamabad branch that exemplifies interesting play of colors. The pleasant use of warm colors for the interior detailing is meant to suggest happiness, high spirits as they provide a lot of visual stimulation for the visitors.

Project Detail

Architects : Archi-cubes Architects & Interior Designer

Architect in Charge : Zaeem Ahmad

Design Team  : Zaeem Ahmad, Abdullah Qazi, Naveed Niaz,Jannat Farooq

Project Year : 2018

Photographs : Social Cubes

Type : Commercial

What a Pratha Islamabad Architecture & Interior Design

This project is an understated and honest approach to materials and ambience creating a space that reflects the nature of the restaurant that is meant to cater people from all kind of backgrounds and age groups. The playful use of colors is experimented through various means extending from the furniture to the very fine detailing of doodling on the columns. The bold colors are balanced with the use of Neutral colors like grey in the ceiling and white flooring.


Every wall is carefully composed to grab hold of the spectator and to keep them amused. The graphics are composed to represent the culture of the region making use of globally recognized artists, architecture and rituals of the region. The purpose behind the experimentation is to represent a space that is meant to gratify a diverse group of people no matter what age, profession or background do they come from.

Talking about architecture, evolving from very public (the large window opening by the mountains) to very private in the cozy back dining areas, the design follows the float of natural light and secures different atmosphere for its customers. The design also incorporates large open space for the visitors to relish the view while they munch on the scrumptious food. The open space adorned with colorful flower pots is a totally distinct space that is meant to create a relaxed ambiance for the people to feel closer to nature.

The live spirited ambiance of the restaurant is also evident on the exterior through the use of bold colors balanced with the natural “Green’.

What'a Pratha Murree

What'a Pratha Islamabad