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Hidden reality in how human behavior is affected by Architecture

Reading, imagining and hearing are some ways we become familiar to places and buildings and this is how architecture affects human behavior. In addition to this we look at photographs and watch videos. All of these aspects of knowing about a space are rather vague and somewhat unreal. For example, you have a friend who just came back from Paris, he tells you about all the important landmarks of the city and tries to highlight all the features but he is not so sure himself how to describe the ambiance with words that are different from things you had already heard.

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Now let’s say you yourself were to visit Paris someday, you would go there with a determination to see all those places that your friend mentioned because it’s a nature of a human behavior towards architecture, to see for yourself what you were told about the architecture of Paris. So you go there and just visit those specific buildings and come back with an experience that was not even close to what your friend had described. So was your friend lying or did things change between the times you and your friend visited? Actually it’s none of these things, it is the simple fact that spaces are not the same in experience as they seem from far away, they cannot fit a description of a few words or certain images. These places are so much more than that, they have a soul of their own, a character that can only be felt not told.

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This soul of a place can be considered in two different levels; Macro and micro. In case of macro level, it’s the impression that you have of a city in your mind, this impression is usually based on the famous architecture of the place and so when you imagine yourself in that city you are surrounded by these specific places only. Therefore when you get a chance to actually visit the city you end up going to these places only. But that is not what the city is actually about, it is about all the spaces that a person living there encounters on a daily basis and not something a tourist might come across on a vacation. The perspectives of someone living there and a person who is an outsider will be rather contrasting.

As for the micro level, the images of a specific building you love will tell a story to you that might not be something you come across when you actually visit that place and that might lead sometimes to disappointment and at other times to a feeling of alienation.It is to say that everything we imagine or think about would be far more original and real if it is based on actual experience and not vague images.See our Architecture Based Projects all over Pakistan Here >>>> | Residential Projects | Commercial Projects

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