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Frank Lloyd Wright believed in designing in harmony with humanity and the environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture. This project is inspired by the falling-water project. The structure is perched amid the scenic valley of Kalam, merging spectacularly with the breathtaking landscape. The ideology behind this project is that if an eagle were to fly over this structure, it shouldn’t turn back, instead, the structure should appear to be part of the bird’s natural habitat.









Archi Cubes


Zaeem Ahmed

Ar. Ammad Malik



Exterior – Commercial

850 sqft


Transforming Kalam City's Landscape with Architectural Brilliance

Are you in search of architectural masterpieces that seamlessly blend design innovation with functionality? Look no further than Archi Cube, a renowned architecture firm that has left an indelible mark on the city of Kalam. Led by the visionary architect Zaeem Ahmad, Archi Cube has successfully completed numerous projects, including an impressive portfolio in the field of commercial exteriors. In this article, we will explore Archi Cube’s transformative work in Kalam City, focusing on their architectural designs, collaboration with Lakhani, and their latest project in Sawat.

Archi Cube is a prominent name in the architectural industry, revered for their unique and awe-inspiring designs. The team, led by Zaeem Ahmad, prides itself on its ability to combine creativity with functionality, producing structures that are not only visually stunning but also serve the needs of the clients. With Ar. Ammad Malik as part of the design team, Archi Cube has consistently delivered projects that exceed expectations.

One of Archi Cube’s notable achievements was their collaboration with Lakhani, a respected client known for their commitment to excellence. Lakhani trusted Archi Cube with their vision for a commercial exterior space, seeking a design that would be visually appealing and offer a seamless experience to customers. Archi Cube’s expertise in exterior commercial design made them the ideal choice for this project.

In 2022, Archi Cube took on the challenge of designing a commercial exterior space in Kalam City, specifically in Sawat. The project encompassed an area of 850 square feet, providing ample room for creativity while considering the functional requirements of the space. Archi Cube’s architects meticulously analyzed the site, paying close attention to the local environment, culture, and architectural heritage to ensure a design that would harmoniously integrate with the surroundings.

The result was an architectural masterpiece that captured the essence of Kalam City. Archi Cube’s design transformed the commercial space into a vibrant and inviting destination. The seamless integration of modern aesthetics with local influences resulted in a unique structure that caught the attention of passersby. The exterior design not only attracted customers but also enhanced the overall appeal of the city, contributing to its architectural band.

The success of Archi Cube’s project in Kalam City can be attributed to their meticulous attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to client satisfaction. Every aspect of the design was carefully crafted, from the selection of materials to the placement of windows and doors. Archi Cube’s architects expertly combined form and function, creating a space that not only served its purpose but also reflected the vision of both Archi Cube and Lakhani.

In conclusion, Archi Cube has emerged as a leader in the architectural industry, leaving an indelible mark on the city of Kalam. Their commitment to creating architectural designs that harmoniously blend with the local environment is truly commendable. With their latest project in Sawat, Archi Cube has once again demonstrated their ability to transform spaces and create architectural masterpieces. Whether you are looking for an awe-inspiring architecture portfolio or seeking to collaborate with a team of talented architects, Archi Cube is the name to trust.

Remember, Archi Cube is not just a team of architects; they are visionaries who strive to redefine architectural norms and create spaces that inspire. Contact Archi Cube today and witness the magic of architecture unfold before your eyes.

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