Pulcra Interior Design by Archi-Cubes

Pulcra Chemical Group

Pulcra interior design is a fusion of modern, contemporary and minimal design. It has open planning yet segregated rooms. The colour palette used is monochrome with a colour pop in some of the rooms.









Archi Cubes

DHA Raya, Lahore

Zaeem Ahmed

Ar. Ammad Malik


Mr. Qasim

Interior – Commercial

3428 sqft

Pulcra Chemicals - best architects design services by archi-cubes
Pulcra Chemicals - best architects design services by archi-cubes
Pulcra Chemicals - best architects design services by archi-cubes

Revolutionizing Pulcra Chemical Interiors with Innovative Architectural Design

In the bustling city of Lahore, Archi Cubes is making waves in the architectural world with its latest project for Pulcra Chemicals. With a dedicated team of architects led by Zaeem Ahmad, Archi Cubes has taken up the challenge of creating awe-inspiring interiors for Pulcra Chemicals’ new office space in DHA Raya, Lahore. Under the guidance of Ar. Ammad Malik, Archi Cubes is set to redefine the concept of Pulcra Chemical Interiors, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Pulcra Chemical Architects in Lahore:

Archi Cubes, a renowned architectural firm in Lahore, has earned a stellar reputation for its expertise in designing commercial spaces. With a focus on innovation and attention to detail, Archi Cubes has become the go-to choice for Pulcra Chemicals when it comes to architectural design. By collaborating closely with Pulcra Chemicals, Archi Cubes aims to create a space that not only reflects the brand’s identity but also enhances the working environment for its employees.

Design Concept:

The project, scheduled for completion in 2021, encompasses a 3428 sqft area dedicated to interior-commercial design. Archi Cubes‘ design team has carefully crafted a concept that emphasizes functionality, creativity, and a harmonious ambiance. The interior design will be tailored to Pulcra Chemicals’ requirements, ensuring a seamless workflow and optimal space utilization.

Combining aesthetics and practicality, Archi Cubes aims to create an environment that promotes productivity and inspires collaboration. By incorporating elements of Pulcra Chemicals’ branding, such as color schemes and company logos, the interior space will exude a cohesive and professional atmosphere.

Collaborative Approach:

To ensure the successful execution of the project, Archi Cubes will work closely with the client, Mr. Qasim, to understand his vision and expectations. By incorporating client feedback throughout the design process, Archi Cubes aims to create a space that surpasses expectations and fosters a sense of pride for Pulcra Chemicals.

Archi Cubes’ design team will employ the latest architectural techniques and industry trends to deliver a space that not only meets but exceeds Pulcra Chemicals’ requirements. The team will meticulously select materials, furniture, and lighting fixtures to create a sophisticated and functional workspace.


Archi Cubes, under the guidance of Zaeem Ahmad and Ar. Ammad Malik, is set to revolutionize Pulcra Chemical Interiors in Lahore. By merging functionality, aesthetics, and innovative design, Archi Cubes aims to create an office space that not only reflects the essence of Pulcra Chemicals but also inspires its employees.

With a collaborative approach and a commitment to excellence, Archi Cubes is confident in delivering a project that will set a new benchmark in the architectural landscape of Lahore. The partnership between Archi Cubes and Pulcra Chemicals promises to redefine the concept of Pulcra Chemical Architects, showcasing the transformative power of architectural design.

Contact Archi Cubes today to embark on a journey of architectural excellence and witness the transformation of Pulcra Chemical Interiors in Lahore.

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