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With sustainability, energy efficiency, and ecological conservation on our agenda, we swiftly move to build structures in congruity with nature. We work around your needs following a thoughtful and well-crafted design that adheres to international standards.

Holistic approach to designs

A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Designs

Each project starts with a collective brainstorming of ideas. The design team works closely with our architects to fully integrate unique solutions that are tailor-made according to your needs. Our goal is to create functional and elegant spaces that evoke a sense of purity while also complementing the overall structural expression.


My name is Zaeem Ahmed and I am an architect and interior designer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. I am a graduate of the National College of Arts in Pakistan, and have worked on a wide range of projects in various cities including Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. Read more

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CEO Archi Cubes

Creative enthusiasm

Professionalism & Creative Enthusiasm

Our architects and designers come together to form a unique balance between technical experience with creative passion. Their talent, dedication, and expertise lead each project from its inception through completion. Our team delivers diligent and collaborative support throughout each stage of your project.

What People Say About Us

Best Architects & Interior Designer in Pakistan

Having proper architecture beautifies the place and creates a dynamic space that fulfills and meets all the needs and requirements. At the same time, architects help in creating an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic. We at Archi Cubes create designs that are unique, original, and top-of-the-line. We like to keep the aesthetics of the design and have a way of blending the visual aesthetics of the design while keeping the physical and special needs of our clients as the top priority.

 Archi Cubes is a group of the best architects in Pakistan. The designs we produce are modernist and keep the traditional and cultural aspects of the region in the designs, the designs that we produce are relevant, comfortable, and culturally appropriate. The designs created by Archi Cubes are done so after numerous consultations with the clients, to understand their needs and requirements.

 Through these consultations, our panel of experts can understand the style, design, and ergonomic requirements of the clients and deliver a design that meets those. Afterward, we go into a series of internal meetings, brainstorming, and site visits to gain a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the clients, and afterward, we go into the developing phase to give original designs to the clients that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

At Archi Cubes, we are committed to creating dynamic spaces that fulfill and meet all the needs and requirements of our clients. Trust us to provide you with the best architectural designs in Lahore. Contact us today to get started on your next project!


Frequently Asked Question

It is difficult to determine the best architect in Lahore as there are many talented and successful architects in the city. However, Archi Cubes is a reputable architecture firm in Lahore that has received numerous awards and recognition for their innovative designs and high-quality work.

 The cost of hiring an architect in Pakistan can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the architect’s level of experience and reputation. Archi Cubes, for example, offers customized services to fit the client’s needs and budget.

 Similar to determining the “best” architect in Lahore, it is challenging to name a single “No 1” architect in Pakistan. There are many highly respected architects in the country who have made significant contributions to the field. Archi Cubes is a well-known architecture firm in Pakistan that has received numerous accolades for their exceptional work.

The three main types of architects are:

  1. Residential Architects – They design homes and other residential buildings.
  2. Commercial Architects – They design commercial buildings, such as office buildings, shopping malls, and hotels.
  3. Landscape Architects – They design outdoor spaces, including parks, gardens, and public spaces.

Archi Cubes is a multidisciplinary architecture firm that offers a wide range of services, including interior design, landscape design, and urban planning.

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