Majestic architect designed by Archi-Cubes.

Xinhua Mall - Best Architects and Interior Designers in Lahore

The Architects and Interior Designers in Lahore are now following a minimalist approach which is the outcome of certain contemporary movements in the era of design. We try to go with the flow of trends, as well as add our own customized signature elements to the design, according to our client’s requirements. This project is a humble attempt to amalgamate the modernist dream of a person with the regional standards of a modern residential design. Do you want an architect or interior designer for your home, Office or Do you want to make a restaurant of yours? Consult with us now.

Archi Cubes is a well-known architect and interior design firm based in Lahore, Pakistan. The company was founded by Zaeem Ahmed, who has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Archi Cubes specializes in creating modern designs for commercial spaces such as shopping malls, restaurants and office buildings. They also provide services for residential projects including apartments and villas.

At Archi Cubes they believe that architecture should be inspiring to look at but still functional to use; this is why their designs are both aesthetically pleasing yet practical enough to serve its purpose efficiently while providing comfort and convenience to those using it. Their team consists of experienced architects with expertise across multiple disciplines including urban planning, structural engineering and landscape design which allows them to create unique solutions tailored specifically towards each project’s needs.

The Xinhua Mall Architects & Interior Design project was recently completed by the team at Archi Cubes with great success – it has been praised highly among local customers who have enjoyed the new modern aesthetic provided by Zaeem Ahmed’s creative vision combined with his technical knowledge on how best utilize space within a mall setting . All in all ,Archi Cube’s work on Xinhua Mall proves that they are capable of designing beautiful yet efficient workspaces no matter what size or scope may be required from them .









Archi Cubes


Zaeem Ahmed

Zaeem Ahmad



Exterior – Commercial


Majestic architect designed by Archi-Cubes.
Majestic architect designed by Archi-Cubes.
Xinhua Mall | Architects and interior designed by Archi-cubes


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