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ARCHITECTURE IN OUR MINDS | Archi Cubes Architects & Interiors

ARCHITECTURE IN OUR MINDS | Archi Cubes Architects & Interiors

The human mind collects and stores away pieces of memories whether we are conscious or not. Most of these recollections are related to places or experiences that we go through even once. Architecture in Lahore, may be a key to accessing these memory files from our brains. How is this possible? An Architecture Firm operating in Lahore are declared as the best architects in Lahore and best interior designers in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, dha , and almost all over the country

Almost all the human memories are related to a particular interior or exterior. Once you see a space; your mind instantly goes to the origin of the memory that place holds, filling you in with that feeling, making you relive it. One may say that architecture may play an important role in constructing or piecing together our memories.

Architecture is not limited to experiencing long lost memories or nostalgic feels. Ever heard of memory palaces? It is a structure specifically designed for ‘creating’ memories or reminders. Long before even a piece of paper was invented, the ancient Greek used to memorize event dates or happenings by creating a memory palace with specific rooms used for holding each piece of information. For example; if you need to remember a doctor’s appointment, simply design a room’s interior with a doctor’s chair and your appointment time and date plastered across the walls.

This technique of constructing a memory palace is done by an average human even without him knowing it. A series of words may trigger the construction or even places similar to his past experiences may make him travel inside the walls of his palace. This technique is also crucial for an architecture student. As he’s planning or designing an interior, his mind immediately helps him construct that structure, making him experience every room as he goes along. It is almost like a 3D motion ride inside your brain.

This triggering of memories via architecture and construction of memory palaces for creating them has been somewhat hindered by our age of technology. Now, instead of scavenging our brain for our piece of recollection, we simply search the digital memories. The power of resurfacing nostalgic feels has been somewhat diminished. The human brain is totally depending upon the digital devices to search for experiences which was never its own to begin with and hence there’s less personal connection.

The memory palaces and experiences are never forgotten; rather they are misplaced, accessed when we put our mind to it. Some may call it ‘the art of remembering’.

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