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Architects in Lahore are trying to come up with new methodologies through which they could add up to the developing metropolitan vision of the city. We, as a responsible Architecture Firm, aim to introduce a contemporary finesse to the existing aesthetics of Lahore. Residential sector is an extensive part of the urban layout of a city. It’s imperative that we give attention to the exterior design of the house as much as we focus on the interior living spaces. The facade of a building may leave a lasting impact on the urban environment of a city for years to come. 1.5 Kanal House Designed for Miss Naila in Model Town Lahore.

Project Detail

Architects : Archicubes

Location : Model Town, Lahore 

Architect in Charge : Zaeem Ahmad

Design Team  : Jehanzeb Shoaib, Abdullah Qazi, Naveed Niaz

Area : 1.5 Kanal

Project Year : 2019

Type : Residential

This project is based on the essential pinciples of post-modernism. Elements such as geometrical rotations, assymetrical formations and fragmentation of building functions line out the basis for post-modern architecture. A facade such as this tends to grab the attention of a passer-by. The use of earthly colour tones along with traces of black adds elegance to the design. The use of materials is diverse. Concrete, brick, wood and steel sections are composed in a harmonious manner in order to provide the building with a well-balanced facade. Steel sections add a certain unapologetic originality to the design.

The front facade comprises of a giant double door which opens from the living room out into the front lawn. The entrance of the house is a double height opening on to a wooden deck that hovers over a narrow water body and leads up to a centralized tree around which the entire building wraps. Double door and natural elements such as water and tree give a spacious and calm feel to the house.

Since Interior Designers in Lahore are now following a minimalistic approach which is the outcome of certain contemporary movements in the realm of design. We try to go with the flow of trends, as well as add our own signature elements to the design, according to our client’s wishes. Do you want an architect or interior for your home then consult with us now. 

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