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What’a Partha as the name suggested is a blend of two words; one English showing modernity and the other Urdu showing affiliation towards tradition. The Interior was designed by the renown industry leading team of architects & Interior Designers at archicubes as an exciting fusion of modernity and tradition- continuing the brands theme.

The bold and fun play of colours added beauty and life to this project challenging our conventional notions of aesthetics. Redefining the terms of desi and paindu in a whole new language.

Project Detail

Architects : Archicubes

Location : Bahria Rawalpindi

Architect in Charge : Zaeem Ahmad

Design Team  : Jehanzeb Shoaib, Abdullah Qazi, Asadullah

Area : 1301 sq. ft

Project Year : 2019

Type : Commercial

What'a Pratha Interior Design team and architects Archi Cubes

Very interesting elements of our traditional culture were given a modern outlook like the manji payee for the tables, patilay and baltis hung as lighting shades, matkay as podiums, laltain as candles, pagri and tablay with led lights were placed on painted industrial drums and a lot of such intricate details were worked upon by the design team.  On the other hand modern elements like the shipping containers, louvers, crates, minimalist chairs etc were also used to give a sense of the present globalized world we live in.

The wall, floor and ceiling was intentionally designed in neutral tones of grey so the splash of color is accentuated in the design elements. The overall colour scheme was derived from the logo colours of What’a Paratha to create a semblance.

Moreover the dramatic play of lights gave it a techno vibe to the overall ambience and feel of the basement floor was altered into a whole new zone. The purple neon lights serving as the symbol of the future. The graphics were also designed very thoughtfully along the lines of tradition creating attracting backdrops along the walls as murals and many were painted over the tables, drums and lights. In order to connect with the current generation many desi taglines of our everyday language were also embedded within the graphics to create an engaging dialogue with the visitors. This gives the space some energy which feeds the minds of the visitors, giving them a reason to visit again.

This dialogue between the two extremes: Tradition and modernity is the new cult these days, the project serves to continue this philosophy of critical regionalism so that the world doesn’t end up becoming a homogenized platter of mass produced boring boxes.

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